Air Classification, Air Swept Classifier, Air Classifier, Side Draft Classifier and SuperFine Classifier by N.N.Zoubov Engineers SMCE.

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About N.N.Zoubov Engineers SMCE.

N.N.Zoubov Engineers in the world.

For over a century,
N.N.Zoubov Engineers SMCE has been busily designing and producing classifiers which are among the best in the world. In 1975, during the surge in industrial technology, N.N.Zoubov Engineers SMCE was established. From the moment of this founding, N.N.Zoubov Engineers SMCE has dedicated itself to the design, development, and marketing of products of exceptional quality, ruggedness, and dependability which make this company stand out from the rest.

For several decades, the N.N.Zoubov Engineers SMCE classifier has been foremost in the world cement manufacturing market and, is still preferred by many of the worlds' leading cement and limestone producers. Over
3979 units which have been installed all over the world attests to the faith of our customers who appreciate the minimal downtime and ease of maintenance of equipment which is dependable and keeps on producing.

Because we desire to maintain this high degree of confidence, we continually design and test improvements in our classifiers as we strive to reach the ultimate perfect separation. And, since the only machines which are frequently discussed, after installation, are those that bring problems, we have as our objective, to build machines so well they are indeed

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