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Assembly: Air Swept Classifier, Air Swept Separator, Air Classification by N.N.Zoubov Engineers SMCE.

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This photograph of an Air Swept Classifier during shop assembly shows the rotating pin cage rejector. The rejector is driven by a variable speed motor and drive which allows the operator to simply" dial-in" fineness changes from the central control room. Changes from 30 % to 6 % residue on 90 um have been obtained on coal mill classifiers merely by speed adjustments of the rejector speed.

Air Swept Classifier during assembly.
Air Swept Classifier installed in a spanish.

The new 60 Air Swept Classifier installed in a spanish cement plant on a Babcock type E coal mill has increased its output by 30 % (from 15 t/h to 19 t/h). For the same residue on 90 urn, the residues on 200 urn have been reduced from 3.0 % to 0.3 %. The gas + ground coal mixture enters into the volute inlet and the gas + fine coal exhaust from the top fines chamber to the dust collector.

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