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Side Draft (SD) High Efficiency Classifier.

N.N.Zoubov Engineers SMCE, pioneers in air classification technology since the 1976's, sets new standards with the 3rd generation Side Draft (SD) High Efficiency Classifier. The SD combines ultra-sharp cuts with low energy consumption and low abrasion in a compact, simply operated unit.

This new concept of separation provides a narrower particle size distribution of the product with less ultra fine particles and less residues. For cement applications this will result in higher compression strengths obtained at lower specific surface areas (cm²/g Blaine).

A lower specific energy consumption of the whole closed circuit grinding installation is realised by increased fines recovery compared to conventional air separators. Depending upon the fineness of the feed to the Classifier and the product fineness, the
"bypass" of unclassified particles to the tailings is maintained under 10 %. As a result of this, increases of production of 20 % to 30 % over the conventional separators have been proven in the field and with lower circulating loads.

Side Draft (SD) High Efficiency Separator.

Apart from the remote control of the rotational speed of the rejector, the following adjustments can be made, independently, to achieve the optimum operating conditions of the classifier:

  • Adjustments of the volumetric air flow rate.

  • Adjustments of the feed rate (by F + T Control).

  • Adjustments of the linear air velocity within the separator (patent pending).

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