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The SuperFine Separator : For accurate micron - sized work.

The SuperFine Classifier : For accurate micron - sized work.

SuperFine separators are designed for precise classification of superfine products having a top size of 10 microns.

They are widely used in the food, pharmaceuticals, limestone, cosmetics, plastics and many other dry process materials.

As in the Whirlwind classifiers, the feed discharges onto the rotating distributing plate and is hurled outward through the interior chamber.

The ascending airstream passes through a specially designed multiblade rejector rotating at higher speeds and permitting only the lower micron particles to follow the air currents to the fines chamber.

The SuperFine Classifier : For accurate micron - sized work.

SuperFine separators are built in three sizes and two different types:
Standard SuperFine where the air circulates in closed circuit within the air classifier and the Tangential SuperFine where the air with the fine product is discharged tangentially from the fan chamber and recirculated to the separator through an external cyclone collector.

In the Standard SuperFine, used commonly in the chemical and limestone industries, the change of fineness is achieved by adjustments of the number of the rejector blades.

In the Tangential SuperFine an external control device permits changes in product fineness without the need to shut down to change rejector blades. It is used commonly in the flour milling industry to produce a variety of flours for the bakeries and cereal industries.

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