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Air Swept Classifier, Air swept Separator, Air Classification by N.N.Zoubov Engineers SMCE.

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Air Swept (AS) Classifier

Specially adapted for applications with air swept coal mills.

Air Swept High Efficiency Classifiers are used on Air Swept coal mills to increase the output of the grinding Installation and improve the fineness of the finished product.

Because the
N.N.Zoubov Engineers SMCE Air Swept classifier is installed independently near the mill itself, it is adapted for any type of vertical coal mill without any need for changes in the mill itself, other than providing for the reintroduction of the clean tailings into the mill. In somes cases the static separator installed in the mill can be maintained, completely open. Therefore minimum disruption of the mill operation is achieved with an average of a week shut down of the mill for connection of all the ducting to and from the separator to the mill and baghouse.

Due to cleaner tailings a smoother operation of the mill is achieved with less vibrations and lower wear rate of the mill internals.

Ideally suited for Ball race mills, roller bowl mills and naturally airswept ball mills.

The Classifier with a vertical air Swept coal mill.
The Separator with an air Swept ball mill.

Improved coal combustion.

The drastic reduction of the residue on 200 µm improves the burning of the coal and therefore:

  • reduces the coal usage.
  • eliminates or reduces the residual CO.
  • reduces the NOx formation.
  • permits the use of lower grade fuels.

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