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How the whirlwind separator works.

How the whirlwind classifier works.

The materials are fed into the feedspout and fall onto the rotating distributing plate hub. Centrifugal force flings them through ports onto the lower distributing plate. Coarse particles move outward and settle by gravity into the tailings cone to be discharged (or recycled through the mill).

Fine particles are swept up into the separating zone where selector blades keep out oversized fines by centrifugal force. These are discharged with the coarse material and selected fines continue with the circulating air, through the blades and into the fines cone. Fines drop out as the air turns through vanes to return to the main fan.

How the whirlwind separator works.Specifications about Air Classifier and how it works.18’ diam. air separator and a 2600 HP ball mill.So that even before the installation of your Air Separator, you are satisfied…

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