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Side Draft Classifier, Side Draft Separator, Air Classification by N.N.Zoubov Engineers SMCE.

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Side Draft Classifier / Separator

In this new Side Draft Classifier, air flows horizontally through the curtain of particles descending from the top distributor plate. In the process, particles are just laterally displaced as they are acted upon by gravity, drag force of air and centrifugal force. Finally, collision forces are involved if a particle is able to reach the rejector and is too large to pass through.

The rejector is equipped with a variable speed motor and drive (frequency inverter as standard) which allows the operator to simply "dial-in" fineness changes from the central control room The separation air, laden with the fine product, is discharged through one, two or multiple air outlets to the outside of the separator while the coarse product falls to the lower part of the classifier and is discharged. Although wear is very limited in this new type of separator, all parts submitted to abrasion are lined, as standard, with abrasion resistant materials as Ni-hard, Basalt and A-R steel.

As air displaces particles horizontally rather than lifting them,
less energy is required than for other classifiers.

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