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Drive through reduction gear box.

1. Drive through reduction gear box.

For bigger air classifiers (20' diarn up) and high speed motors (1500 RPM for 50 Hz and 1200 RPM or 1800 RPM for 60 Hz) the most practical drive is through an Intermediate gear box The motor is coupled to the high speed shaft through a flexible coupling and the air separator's shaft is coupled to the slow speed shaft through a flexible coupling.

2. Direct drive.

This drive is suitable for slow speed slip-ring motors 600 RPM (50 or 60 Hz) coupled to the horizontal shaft of the air classifier through a flexible coupling (For 20' diam. air separators and up).

This coupling can be of the" rubber tire" type which gives much flexibility to the drive and absorbs the shock at start-up.

Direct drive.
V-belt drive.

3. V-belt drive.

V-belt drives are most commonly used on all smaller sizes of air classifiers from 20" to 18' in diameter.

For bigger sizes (20' and up) a jackshatt should be used on the driving pulley to prevent too much effort on the motor's shaft bearings.

4. Hydraulic couplings.

On all drives incorporating a high speed motor (1200 - 1500 - 1800 RPM) a certain advantage can be gained by installing an hydraulic coupling, which allows the use of a squirrel cage motor instead of a slip-ring motor in all cases where a smoother start-up or lower power peak at start-up is desired.

Hydraulic couplings.

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